A Message From The President by Joseph Carola, III

I am extremely honored to serve as President of the Queens County Bar Association. For 138 years, this Association has been committed to enriching the lives of its members, strengthening the relationship between the bench and the bar, serving the community and pursuing justice.

Queens County has widely been recognized as one of, if not the most diverse counties in the world. Diversity is not just measured in numbers of different races, religions or ethnicities but also a recognition and respect for diversity of thought. With over 2000 members, our Association now, more than ever, is reflective of the diversity of the county in which it is situated and the community which it serves. It is this strength in membership which affords our members opportunities to network, to find employment, to get experience and to succeed.

If you are not currently a member of the QCBA, tell me why you are not. What is it that we are doing, or perhaps not doing, that is preventing you from being a member? It is only by listening to your complaints or suggestions that we can grow as an association. If you were never a member…we want you. If you were a member in the past but not one presently…we want you back.

If you are a member, thank you. If you are reading this you are interested in the QCBA. If you are a member, you are involved in the QCBA. We need more from you however. We need you to get invested in the QCBA.

There are many reasons for joining the QCBA, ranging from “my boss made me join,” to joining for business, social or political opportunities. Whatever your reason for joining, this association is like anything else in life…you will get out of it what you put into it. Our Association offers participation in over 60 Standing and Special Committees. Our committee chairs serve as mentors to our young members and membership in our committees provides personal and professional growth. Whether you are new to bar or coming back to the bar, take advantage of the opportunities provided to you by joining and getting active in committee membership.

The QCBA Academy of Law continues to develop and offer outstanding CLE programs given by attorneys highly respected and recognized in their respective fields of practice. These programs keep our members current on ever-changing legal issues while offering CLE credits through our New York State Continuing Legal Education Board accredited program.

Our Lawyer Referral Service is an additional benefit of membership that gives our members the opportunity to build their practices with new clients referred directly from the QCBA. Lawyers can choose from 24 areas of practice to help target appropriate referrals. All referrals are forwarded on a rotating basis to ensure equal access.

Over the summer months, your Bar Association will begin preparation for the upcoming year. Our outgoing President, Joe DeFelice and his Board of Managers had an extremely productive year with accomplishments ranging from refurbishing the QCBA home, upgrading our website, introducing a mobile app (QCBA.MOBI) and recruitment of new members, particularly law students. In the upcoming year, we hope to continue our recruitment and promotion of the next generation of attorneys while also addressing the needs of the solo and small firm practitioners. We will look to address the issues of concern to our profession by offering a variety of programs focusing on practical issues such as debt management, leadership development, business development, ethics, networking, work and life balance, personal development and more.

We offer many social events during the year. These social events provide a unique opportunity to network. These events include Judiciary Night, Stated Meetings (which provide the opportunity to earn FREE CLE credits) and our Holiday Party. The first event up after the summer is our annual golf outing at the Garden City Country Club on September 8, 2014.

On behalf of the Board of Managers I would like thank you, our members, sponsors and corporate sponsors, for your continued support and look forward to hearing from you throughout the year.

Joseph Carola III, Esq.
Employees of The Corporate Law Department
State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company