Guardian and Fiduciary Services

Mission Statement

Guardian and Fiduciary Services (GFS) coordinates education, training, information services, monitoring and reporting for court-appointed New York Fiduciaries including: Guardians; Attorneys for Alleged Incapacitated Persons; Court Evaluators; Court Examiners; Supplemental Needs Trustees; Guardians ad Litem; Receivers; Referees; Law Guardians for children; and Counsel to the Public Administrator. Further categories include all secondary appointments: Counsel to Guardian; Counsel to Receiver; Accountants; Auctioneers; Appraisers; Property Managers; and Real Estate Brokers. GFS coordinates education, training and one-on-one assistance for Lay Guardians including family members and friends of the incapacitated person.

PART 36 Fiduciary Eligibility List

Public Access to Part 36 Database
(Eligibility/Appointment/Compensation Information)

The Guardian Assistance Network
(Help for Lay Guardians)

New Guidelines for Public Administrators 

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